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Meet at Online Call

Pair with a potential match and schedule an online call with us as hosts.


Meet at Mosque

After a few meetings, we'll kick things up a notch and organise a meet-up in a masjid

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Arrange to Meet at Venue

Later down the line, we’ll set up a meeting in a venue of your choice (arranged by us, of course).

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Arrange Events

If you find success in your match on PAIRED [M], leave it to us to plan the wedding of your dreams

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“The first Nikah service where all meetings will be Face to Face with support from our team on every call. We ensure that your desired match has the best first impression and all your conversations are professionally pursued"

Our History

A revolutionary nikah service designed to make you do as little as possible. Simply sign up and find your match.

At PAIRED [M], our goal is to help you find love in as few steps as possible. Simply sign up, set your preferences and search. Come across someone you like. No problem. Click to match and we’ll pair the two of you.

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Match your pair in 3 simple steps

Create A Profile

Start your PAIRED [M] journey by giving us your name, where you’re from and choose your best picture.

Set Preference

Add in all your quirky preferences. Preferred height, ideal age, favourite food. It’ll all help to find your perfect pair.

Match Profile

See someone you like. Great. Just click ‘pair me’ and we’ll take it from there.


why choose us

What Makes us Different....

  • We’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with the most personalised experience a nikah service can offer. From your very first click you’ll have online support in your search for love.
  • We have competent Imams who are British, very educated and well versed in Islamic education and secular studies in the English languages along with Arabic, and Urdu.
  • Our essential approach is to ensure that your marriage takes place according to our Islamic values & traditions. That is why we’re going to adhere closely to the Sunnah and leave society out.

Nationwide Availability

Our team is set up to help pair individuals across the UK. We are here to serve your needs.

English Speaking Imams

We will ensure at best that all co-ordinators will have the highest quality of speech in all calls especially in the English language. Where this is difficult for families, we will accommodate for a range of languages too to ensure your first call with your desired spouse is smooth.

Simple & stress free booking Process

Once you’ve found the one you like, leave it to us to set up the meetings. You just sit back and wait to be PAIRED [M].

Islamic Guidance

We have ensured that our matching service is Shariah compliant and at best adheres to the Quran and Sunnah. Please read our board of Islamic scholars page for further details.


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